Forget everything you’ve ever thought you knew about Celtic rock bands, because Melbourne-based outfit, Claymore, defies all expectations. This enigmatic band of multi-instrumentalists not only manages to combine traditional elements of Celtic music, but they take that passion and soul and rock it right into the 21st century. Few bands can pull off the sensitive task of re-educating the traditional realm into the modern day, but that’s something of a specialty for Claymore. Not only that, but they manage to write beautiful original Celtic compositions, and even lend their style to some power rock classics, all with an Irish and Scottish twist.

Although many Celtic bands may come and go, each sounding remarkably like the other, the point of difference with Claymore is within the term ‘rock’. They add a current flavour, and interestingly, an inherent Australianness, to their music, bringing ole time traditional themes into the future, and appealing to audiences young and old.

While their style has been described as new age folk music, there is more passion, fire and enthusiasm that than genre allows. Combing a diverse mix of sounds from guitar, mandolin, fiddle, military snare and the highland bagpipes to even a didgeridoo, its no wonder Claymore have received international acclaim.