Dave Wright & The Midnight Electric.

Dave Wright & The Midnight Electric play Widescreen Rock and Roll. The kind of narrative driven melodic storytelling that is disappearing from our pubs and live venues. The kind of music that conjures up visions of wide dusty highways, burning farmhouses, drought stricken countryside, seedy bars, and the escape found in the open road.

Their debut release “The Lucky Country” has been hailed “A brilliant, brilliant album,” and “like listening to Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem, Dropkick Murphys, and Nick Cave all at the same time.” Suffice to say they play a universal brand of rock music that, though born in Melbourne, resonates worldwide. The band are fast becoming a must see live act on the Melbourne pub circuit, renowned for their ferocious onstage energy, 2 hour shows, and for never playing the same set twice. They have supported Mick Thomas at his famous yearly Christmas show and played at this year’s Harvest Festival alongside Stonefield, The Go Set, and Mick Thomas & The Roving Commision. This is the second appearance at Light Of Day for Dave Wright & The Midnight Electric and they will be featuring tracks from their forthcoming sophomore LP as well as tried and true crowd favourites.