HOUSEWRECKERS – smokin’ electric blues and rock.

HouseWreckers are one of Melbourne’s finest electric blues/rock bands, delivering their own brand of uncompromising Texas twang, lazy shuffles and good time grooves.

Fronted by Stratocaster-master Darren Trott on lead vocals and lead guitar, and the legendary Greg Trennery on bass guitar, HouseWreckers have built a solid reputation for wowing audiences with their smoking bar room electric blues. Keyboardist Rohan Mumford adds the swirl of his Hammond and the vibe of his Fender Rhodes, with some of Melbourne’s finest drummers, including Paul ‘Spyda’ Marrett, Dale Thomas and Chris Tabone, queuing up to provide the beat.

HouseWreckers are a hard working band and it shows. The band performed over 50 shows during 2016, including sessions at the iconic Cherry Bar and the ever-popular Blues Train, culminating in a headline appearance at The Bluestone Blues Festival on New Years Eve.

The January 2017 release of the 6 song ‘Get Wrecked’ EP, recorded 100% live in Melbourne’s Rangemaster studio, takes the band up another notch completely, and highlights influences from an enormous classic blues/rock back catalogue.