Jimi Hocking is a songwriter, singer and guitarist of the highest calibre, the electric love child of T-Bone Walker, BB King and Jimi Hendrix. He struts the stage with his band, playing his ‘showy’ guitar style while pulling all the classic stunts … behind the head … the duck walk … even the splits!

Jimi is in his element live on stage, whether it be a small cafe or a massive festival. His combination of banter and story-telling, wailing guitar and mandolin with superb songwriting and performance makes Jimi one of the ‘must-see’ acts in blues today.

In the mid-1990s Jimi was hired as lead guitarist for the popular Australian rock band The Screaming Jets.

Since 2012 life has been a blur of touring, recording, re-releases and special appearances but 2016 saw much of that hard work culminate with Screaming Jets releasing their first album in eight years. Chrome has been acclaimed by fans and media alike. To counter that rock tour de force, Jimi has also released an intimate EP Home Cooking with his dad Kevin, the man who got the whole ball rolling in the first place.

If all that ain’t enough, Jimi has also written music for film and TV, and recorded and played for many other artists in a career now spanning over 25 years. He continues to write, record and perform with astonishing enthusiasm … but he wouldn’t have it any other way, after all, “the blues is for life!”